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We have cancelled the unfinished rounds from this afternoon (14-15 and 16-18 boys) due to inclement weather and course conditions.  These two divisions will use only tomorrow's 18-hole score.


The 14-15 and 16-18 girls completed their 18-hole rounds today and will play 18 more holes tomorrow, as planned.


The 11-under (Girls and Boys) and 12-13 divisions (Girls and Boys) are completed.  They played today only, as planned.


The approximate yardages for the Junior Championship will be as follows:

11-under Girls and Boys -- White SDGA tees -- 2213 yards.

12-13 Girls -- Hart Ranch Gold tees -- 5008 yards.

12-13 Boys -- Hart Ranch Red tees -- 5257 yards.

14-15 Girls -- Hart Ranch Red tees -- 5257 yards.

14-15 Boys -- Hart Ranch White tees -- 6130 yards.

16-18 Girls -- Green SDGA tees -- 5744 yards.

16-18 Boys -- Hart Ranch Green tees -- 6462 yards.

37th Annual Junior Championship - July 27 - Jul 28, 2015
Congratulations to all participants of the SDGA Jr. Championship at Hart Ranch Golf Course in Rapid City! Special congrats to our winners: Luke Honner (11-under Boys), Kelsey Heath (11-under Girls), Austin Swenson (12-13 Boys), Molly Schwartz (12-13 Girls), Jack Lundin (14-15 Boys), Alex Kandolin (14-15 Girls), Katie Bartlett (16-18 Girls), and Jacob Otta (16-18 Boys).