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Age Divisions: 16-18, 14-15, 12-13, and 11-under. The overall SDGA champion is the winner of the 16-18 Division. A team may declare to play in an older division.

Format: 18 holes, Alternate Shot for all divisions. Child tees off on odd-numbered holes, adult tees off on even-numbered holes.

Tees: All juniors will play from their respective tees for the Junior Championship.  All male adults will play from the Hart Ranch White Tees.  All women adults will play from the Hart Ranch red tees.

Junior Tees are as follows:

11-under Divisions - White SDGA Tees

12-13 Girls - Hart Ranch Gold Tees

12-13 Boys - Hart Ranch Red Tees

14-15 Girls - Hart Ranch Red Tees

14-15 Boys - Hart Ranch White Tees

16-18 Girls - Green SDGA Tees

16-18 Boys - Hart Ranch Green Tees

Spectator Carts: There will be no spectator carts allowed on Sunday.

9th Annual Adult-Junior Championship - July 26, 2015
Congratulations to Tom and JJ Cooney on winning the SDGA Adult-Junior Championship at Hart Ranch Golf Course in Rapid City! This is their second consecutive win in this championship.