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*** April 28 - Our 2020 SDGA Championships will be played as scheduled with one exception. The Two-Man Championship at Bakker Crossing will move to August 29-30. Please click here for a full statement on the 2020 season. ***

  2020 Championship Registration

SDGA and TFT - 2020

Welcome to our Championships page! To get started, click on the Create Your Player Profile link below. Once you have created your Player Profile and have an active SDGA GHIN handicap account you can register for championships. 

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  2019 Championships- Results 

You can click on 2020 Championship Calendar below and download the calendar for 2020.

2020 Championship Calendar 

Thanks for a fun and competitive championship season in 2019. Here are all of your champions and runners-up!

Men's Mid-Am @ Willow Run GC - Brad Jacobson / Ryan Anema, Chris Long

Two-Man @ The Golf Club at Red Rock - TJ Nolan & Ryan Nolan / Jeff Meyerink & Brandon Sigmund

Husband-Wife @ Arrowhead CC - Tyler & Danielle Evenson / Brodie Hullinger & Kelly Evans-Hullinger

Sr. Husband-Wife @ Arrowhead CC - Steve & Cindy Weiland / Rex & Cindy Hagg

Match Play @ Brandon GC - Jeff Meyerink / Chris Long

Women's Match Play @ Brandon GC - Maggie Murphy / Katie Bartlett

Women's Senior @ Central Valley GC - Patty Coddington / Colette Quam

Adult-Junior @ Hillsview GC - Ryan & Reese Jansa / Jeff & Adam Salter

Junior Boys@ Hillsview GC - Jack Lundin / Ben Daane

Junior Girls@ Hillsview GC - Shannon McCormick / Reese Jansa

Two-Woman @ Cattail Crossing GC - Katie Bartlett & Julia Hall / Kelly Evans-Hullinger & Carley McMacken

Two-Woman - Open Division @ Cattail Crossing GC - Amy Nawroth & Mary Wheeler-Neuroth  /  Jennifer Stalley & Krista Young

Sr. Two-Woman @ Cattail Crossing GC - Julie King & Colette Quam / Jeri Krsnak & Pam Hoiland

Amateur @ Brookings CC - Jack Lundin / Russell Pick

Women's Amateur @ Brookings CC - Katie Bartlett / Maggie Murphy

Men's Senior @ Lakeview GC - Bob Felker / Paul Schock, Jeff Stockert

Men's Pre-Senior @ Lakeview GC - Chris Long / Ryan Jansa

Mid-Am Two-Man @ Hillcrest G & CC - Brodie Hullinger & Michael Keeton / Michael Hoxter & Colin Karst

Pre-Senior Two-Man @ Hillcrest G & CC - Ryan Jansa & Keith Kogel / Chris Long & Galen Vavra

Senior Two-Man @ Hillcrest G & CC - Mike Brummer & Tom Reynolds / Derek Burshiem & Duane Broek

Name Year City Event
Stewart Scott 1992 Sioux Falls Men’s Match Play
Tom Simmons Marilyn Simmons 1992 Rapid City
Rapid City
Dick Tschetter 1992 Sioux Falls Men’s Senior
Jeff Gray 1992 Brandon Men’s Pre-Senior
Jeri Krsnak Pam Hoiland 1991 Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Two-Woman Team
Anne Borgmann 1991 Sioux Falls Women’s Senior
Pat Lockwood 1991 Brookings Men’s Match Play
Mark Amundson Margaret Amundson 1991 Sioux Falls
Tyler Rachetto 1991 Rapid City Junior Boys
Sarah Comstock 1991 Sioux Falls Junior Girls
Laura Martin 1991 Brookings Women’s Stroke Play
Brad Dubisar 1991 Sioux Falls Men’s Amateur
Mark Amundson Pat Lockwood 1991 Sioux Falls
Two-Man Team
Dan Robar 1991 Sioux Falls Men’s Senior
Hugh Welsh 1991 rapid city Men’s Pre-Senior
Jane Egan 1990 Sioux Falls Women’s Stroke Play
Steve Reiter 1990 Sioux Falls Junior Boys
Mike Brummer 1990 Rapid City Men’s Match Play
Ila Michael 1990 Rapid City Women’s Senior
Patty Coddington Helen Lang 1990 Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Two-Woman Team
Don Platt 1990 Sioux Falls Men’s Senior
Todd Kolb 1990 Sioux Falls Men’s Amateur
Mike Brummer 1990 Rapid City Men’s Pre-Senior
Wendy Maynes 1990 Sioux Falls Junior Girls
Greg Scott Mike Pelzl 1990 Aberdeen
Two-Man Team
Alan Bales Sharon Bales 1990 Huron
Bob Stewart 1989 Sioux Falls Men’s Senior
Jeff Salter 1989 Rapid City Junior Boys
Mark Amundson 1989 Sioux Falls Men’s Match Play
Jane Egan 1989 Sioux Falls Women’s Stroke Play
Rich Kosier 1989 Watertown Men’s Pre-Senior
Brady Marone Chad Dubisar 1989 Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Two-Man Team
Anne Borgmann 1989 Sioux Falls Women’s Senior
Stacey Kolb 1989 Sioux Falls Junior Girls
Mark Amundson Margaret Amundson 1989 Sioux Falls
Jeri Krsnak Pam Hoiland 1989 Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Two-Woman Team
Ray Laird III 1989 Sioux Falls Men’s Amateur
Todd Parks 1988 Madison Men’s Amateur
Anne Borgmann 1988 Sioux Falls Women’s Senior
Dale Pederson 1988 Beresford Men’s Senior
Ray Laird III Patty Coddington 1988 Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Kelly Meyers 1988 Rapid City Women’s Stroke Play
Mike Bloomberg 1988 Sioux Falls Men’s Match Play
Don Breit 1988 Sioux Falls Men’s Pre-Senior
Brad Dubisar 1988 Sioux Falls Junior Boys
Alan Bales Jim Entwisle 1988 Huron
Two-Man Team
Patty Coddington Helen Lang 1988 Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Two-Woman Team
Karmen Stanford 1988 Deadwood Junior Girls
Ila Michael 1987 Rapid City Women’s Senior
Jane Egan Jenny Flanagan 1987 Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls
Two-Woman Team