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The South Dakota Golf Association proudly presents John C. Green's "Shadows to the Future," the fourth painting in a series benefiting the South Dakota Junior Golf Foundation. "Shadows to the Future" depicts a late-day scene as a father and his two young children race a setting sun to squeeze in a few extra minutes of quality time.

An accomplished wildlife artist, Madison, SD's John C. Green has agreed to produce a series of prints for the South Dakota Junior Golf Foundation. Only 300 signed and numbered "Shadows to the Future" prints are available. John generously donated the original painting, so all proceeds from the sale of the prints will go directly to the South Dakota Junior Golf Foundation.

John C. Green began painting painting at age twelve under the tutelage of his father, Larry Green. He has earned recognition in the art community through his faithful rendition of outdoor and scenic images that capture the spirit of his native state. Inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame in 1990, John has more than 30 years of experience as a professional artist.

To order "Shadows to the Future" as well as the rest of the paintings in the series, please click here. Each print retails for $100.00.