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Catttail Jakemark

Jake Olson and Mark Mahowald are 12-year-old golfers from Watertown and regulars on the SDGA Junior Golf Tour. SDGA intern Tatum Richards caught up with two fun-loving budding stars at the last junior tour event of the season.

SDGA: What is your low round score?

Jake: 73

Mark: 89

Editor’s note: Jake Olson bettered his previous personal best with a 4-under-par 68 to win the Boys 12-13 Division in the SDGA Junior Championship at Meadowbrook Golf Course on Monday, July 24.

SDGA: Do you participate in other sports than golf?

Jake: Basketball, football, baseball.

Mark: Basketball, tennis.

Jake: Unless you count ping pong as a sport I do that too. But not competitively.

(Mark tries to quiet Jake)

Jake: Mark, we’re the ones talking. We’re not supposed to be pitch quiet.

SDGA: Yeah we’re just having a conversation you guys can chat.

Jake: Hi, Mark.

Mark: Hey.

SDGA: What is your favorite movie right now?

Jake: That’s not an easy question. Umm, well one of them is like The Greatest Game Ever Played. I like that movie.

Mark: Oh, Pete’s Dragon.

SDGA: What’s that about?

Mark: It’s like a dragon who is a nice dragon but he’s like not allowed with a kid so they fight him, yeah.  

SDGA: Who is your favorite professional golfer?

Jake: Jordan Spieth or Phil Mickelson. I have two.

Mark: J Spieth, Rickie Fowler, or Bubba Watson.

Jake: He meant Jordan Spieth in case you didn’t know. Bubba’s struggling, Mark.

Mark: I know.

SDGA: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Jake: Oh, I like chicken alfredo.

Mark: Oh that’s good. Probably hot dogs, and mac and cheese.

Jake: I had that yesterday

Mark: Nice.

SDGA: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jake: Professional golfer!!

Mark: Professional something.

SDGA: How did you get started playing golf?

Jake: My dad took me out when I was very very little.

Mark: Well all my brothers played so I probably just played with them.

Jake: Probably.

SDGA: Do you have any pets?

Jake: Yeah two dogs, one named Bogie and one named Yoda.

Mark: I have one dog. His name is Zeke.

SDGA: What is your favorite professional football team?

Jake: The Vikings.

Mark: The Vikings.

SDGA: If you had to convince someone to play golf, what would you tell them?

Jake: It’s awesome!.  You need to play.  It’s fun because you don’t always have to be with somebody you can go out and do it on your own.  It’s calm and you can do it whenever pretty much. You don’t have to have an open gym or an open football field.

Mark: I guess it’s calm, you really can’t get hurt, and anybody can play it, unless you’re like a baby.

SDGA: Who is your favorite person to play golf with?

Jake: My dad.

SDGA: Why is that?

Jake: I’ve always liked playing with him, I play with him a lot

Mark: My dad and my brothers.

SDGA: What’s your favorite course to play?

Jake: Brookings Country Club.

Mark: Brookings Country Club or Prairie Winds (in Watertown).

SDGA: Any final comments or remarks for your fans?

Jake: What does that mean?

Mark: SDGA is a great opportunity to play other courses and to meet different people, and to have fun and golf more.

Jake: And, if you play good, you get gift cards and you get to spend them in the proshop.