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SDGA intern Tatum Richards talks golf and some other things of importance with Tom Jansa of Sioux Falls, the president of Dakota Golf Management as well as head golf coach at O'Gorman High School in this segment of "Off the Course."

SDGA: What is the most rewarding part of coaching or your most rewarding coaching moment?

TJ: I think any state championship you win, most recently the girls all came together and shot a record score so it was pretty rewarding.

SDGA: Do you have a hole-in-one?

TJ: I have four hole-in-ones and a double eagle.

SDGA: Sweet or salty food?

TJ: Sweet tooth man.

SDGA: What makes you love the game so much?

TJ: I like the people, I think generally with golfers you get to see them when they’re out enjoying the thing they love to do. I’m a people person, I like to interact with them.

SDGA:  What’s your biggest pet peeve?

TJ: Fake stuff on the internet.

SDGA:  Do you have a hair style or outfit trend you regret?

TJ: I think the pink pants and pit helmet outfit I wore in the early 90’s was probably regretful.

SDGA: Coffee or tea?

TJ: Neither.

SDGA:  Favorite leisure activity other than playing golf?

TJ: I’m in a band. I play guitar and sing, Crabgrass Crew.

SDGA: What was your least favorite subject in school?

TJ: I loved school, I think science though, I kind of had a bad teacher one time.

SDGA: What’s your dream vacation?

TJ: I think the home of golf, Scotland, the trip to the golf course where golf was born.

SDGA:  Would you ever rock climb?

TJ: No, you know how big I am.