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SDGA Adult/Junior Championship

ELIGIBILITY: Adult must be related to the junior and over the age of 25.

FORMAT: Alternate Shot (Juniors tee off on even holes, Adults on odd holes)


  • 16-18 – You must play in this division to win the SDGA Championship
  • 14-15 
  • 12-13


  • 10-11
  • 9 & Under 

ENTRY FEE (Click Sign Up below to register):

  • 18 Hole Divisions – Early Buy Entry Fee: $90 through July  1 (SAVE $20)
  • 9 Hole Divisions – Early Buy Entry Fee: $45 through July 1 (SAVE $10)
  • Entry After June 28: $110 (18 Hole) and $55 (9 Hole) 
  • Final Entry Deadline – July 19th  at 11:59PM

DIVISION AWARDS: In the 16-18 Championship, the overall Champion and Runner-Up are the best scores regardless of the gender of the junior. In all other age groups, there is a Boys Champion and a Girls Champion. 

SDGA ELIGIBILITY: Junior golfers must be a junior who resides in South Dakota or is a legitimate junior member at an SDGA member course. Adult golfers are not required to be South Dakota residents or have an SDGA membership. Professionals are allowed, but play from one tee set back from the amateur adults. Seniors (55+ men, 50+ women) play from one tee set up from the amateur adults. For team events, both golfers must have a Player Profile and an active SDGA membership to be able to register.


APPROXIMATE YARDAGES – Click COURSE SETUP below for approximate tee locations for all divisions. The SDGA takes into account conditions on the day of the event when determining final tee locations.

2024 Sunday July 28thCourse: The Bluffs Golf CourseStatus: openSign Up


Baedke + Baedke
Aaron Baedke, Brynlee Baedke
Zebroski + Keller
Aaron Keller, Greyson Zebroski
Olson + Olson
Aaron Olson, Doug Olson, Gabi Olson, Luke Olson
Westra + Westra
Abbie Westra, Tyler Westra
Moran + Chandler
Adam Chandler, Rylan Moran
Gulsvig + Gulsvig
Adam Gulsvig, Sam Gulsvig
Kulesa + Kulesa
Adam Kulesa, Rigley Kulesa
Murphy + Schelske
Adam Murphy, Amanda Schelske
Peterson + Peterson
Adam Peterson, Carter Peterson, Cory Peterson, Will Peterson
Adley Thompson + Raymond Thompson
Adley Thompson
Johnson + Johnson
Alec Johnson, Jack Johnson
Kennedy + Kennedy
Alison Kennedy, Ryan Kennedy
Meyerink + Meyerink
Allison Meyerink, Jeff Meyerink
Alyssa Schafer + Lydia Schafer
Alyssa Schafer, Lydia Schafer
Amber Brooks + Brytten Brooks
Amber Brooks, Brytten Brooks
Rasmussen + Rasmussen
Andrew Rasmussen, Charlie Rasmussen
Zebroski + Zebroski
Anthony Zebroski, Jerome Zebroski
Blom + Blom
Aric Blom, Tyson Blom
roerig + Roerig
Aryn roerig, Tyler Roerig
Larson + Hieb
Austin Hieb, Kalen Larson
Eliason + Eliason
Ava Eliason, Brian Eliason
Stewart + Stewart
Ben Stewart, Carson Stewart
Mack + Mack
Beverly Mack, Charlie Mack, Gus Mack, Jack Mack
Bruening + Schaefer
Bill Schaefer, Everly Bruening
Bacon + Bacon
Blaine Bacon, Maddison Bacon
Sandness + Young
Bo Sandness, Finley Young
Strain + Strain
Braeden Strain, Joe Strain, Kaitlin Strain, Sarah Strain
Kruger + Kruger
Brandon Kruger, Devin Kruger
Antonen + Antonen
Brent Antonen, Jayden Antonen
Cooper + Cooper
Brian Cooper, Wyatt Cooper
Norberg + Norberg
Brian Norberg, Gabe Norberg
Gillen + Gillen
Bryce Gillen, Jackson Gillen
Bartlett + Thompson
Bryce Thompson, Rick Bartlett
Roehrich + Roehrich
Brynn Roehrich, Jason Roehrich
One Star + Crow Eagle
Bryson One Star, Rich Crow Eagle
Brown + Brown
Carter Brown, Nick Brown, Tommy Brown, Tyler Brown
Knapp + Knapp
Chad Knapp, Lauren Knapp
Swift + Swift
Charlie Swift, David Swift
Sesler + Broz
Chris Broz, DeVonne Sesler
Houska + Olson
Clint Olson, Lincoln Houska
Rusk + Rusk
Cole Rusk, Damon Rusk
Beitelspacher + Roehrich
Colin Beitelspacher, Faith Roehrich
Lunn + Lunn
Cory Lunn, Tyson Lunn
Greble + Greble
Damian Greble, Zach Greble
Hansen + Hansen
Dan Hansen, Noah Hansen
Sova + Sova
Daniel Sova, Lawrence Sova
Carr + Carr
David Carr, Stephanie Carr
Hettick + Hettick
David Hettick, Seth Hettick
Kindt + Kindt
Denver Kindt, Evan Kindt
Stofferahn + Stofferahn
Duke Stofferahn, Justin Stofferahn
Miller + Miller
Easton Miller, Josh Miller
Anema + Anema
Eli Anema, Ryan Anema
Reinesch + Reinesch
Emma Reinesch, Liza Reinesch
Earley + Earley
Eric Earley, Issak Earley
Heath + Heath
Eric Heath, Kenzley Heath
Sage + Sage
Everett Sage, Matt Sage
Rummel + Rummel
Floyd Rummel, Maddie Rummel
Fredrickson + Fredrickson
Geneva Fredrickson, Lance Fredrickson
Genevieve Golz + Nathan Golz
Genevieve Golz, Nathan Golz
Reynolds + Reynolds
Grady Reynolds, Nathan Reynolds
Veurink + Veurink
Grayden Veurink, Jade Veurink
Heiberger + Heiberger
Greg Heiberger, Liam Heiberger
Lyle + Lyle
griffin Lyle, John Lyle
Carlson + Carlson
Hank Carlson, Tom Carlson
Schnabel + Schnabel
Harper Schnabel, Jared Schnabel
Heig + Heig
Hayden Heig, Nicholas Heig
Scott + Scott
Hayden Scott, Mike Scott
Bartlett + Bartlett
Jack Bartlett, Mike Bartlett
Baszler + Baszler
Jack Baszler, Jared Baszler
Swartz + Swartz
Jackson Swartz, Mike Swartz
Wiles + Wiles
Jackson Wiles, John Wiles
Dwire + Dwire
Jalen Dwire, Tim Dwire
Pugh + Pugh
Jayce Pugh, Kash Pugh, Riley Pugh, Robert Pugh
Branaugh + Branaugh
Jayson Branaugh, Michael Branaugh
Peterson + Sorensen
Jim Sorensen, Tori Peterson
John Long + Ruth Long
John Long, Ruth Long
Urban + Urban
John Urban, Oakley Urban
Brooks + Brooks
Jon Brooks, Maxwell Brooks
Jordyn Rummel + Megan Rummel
Jordyn Rummel, Megan Rummel
Daiss + Daiss
Josh Daiss, Leo Daiss
Christensen + Christensen
Justin Christensen, Riley Christensen
Zeigler + Zeigler
Justin Zeigler, Lincoln Zeigler
Cotton + Cotton
Karla Cotton, Sawyer Cotton
Karsyn Kopp + Ruth Kopp
Karsyn Kopp, Ruth Kopp
Keller + Keller
Kasey Keller, Noah Keller
Bohrer + Dede
Kasten Dede, Monty Bohrer
Betsworth + Betsworth
Katie Betsworth, Stu Betsworth
Rachetto + Rachetto
Keegan Rachetto, Tyler Rachetto
Kopp + Kopp
Keystone Kopp, Kipton Kopp
Leni Mack + Steve Mack
Leni Mack, Steve Mack
Sarmiento + Sarmiento
Leo Sarmiento, Liam Sarmiento
Weischedel + Weischedel
Levi Weischedel, Otto Weischedel, Theodore Weischedel, Wesley Weischedel
Trasamar + Trasamar
Lincoln Trasamar, Ryan Trasamar
Baszler + Jacobsen
Logan Baszler, Taylor Jacobsen
Madelynn Lahren + Vince Lahren
Madelynn Lahren, Vince Lahren
Burket + Burket
Mark Burket, Rylan Burket
Kees + Kees
Matthew Kees, Max Kees
Sampson + Sampson
Megan Sampson, Scarlett Sampson
Mauney + Mauney
Micah Mauney, Taten Mauney
Reede + Reede
Mike Reede, Parker Reede
Helseth + Helseth
Nicholas Helseth, Ryken Helseth
Bothun + Bothun
Nick Bothun, Scott Bothun
Paisley Neale + Ryan Neale
Paisley Neale, Ryan Neale
Hollan + Hollan
Quinton Hollan, Rob Hollan
Burket + Kuiper
Randy Kuiper, Reece Burket
Thompson + Thompson
Raymond Thompson, Sawyer Thompson
Wilharm + Wilharm
Ronnie Wilharm, Ted Wilharm
Karels + Karels
Rylan Karels, Tim Karels
Sonnenschein + Sonnenschein
Sawyer Sonnenschein, Taylor Sonnenschein
Eide + Eide
Steve Eide, Trysten Eide
Howard + Howard
Troy Howard, Weston Howard
Youngblom + Youngblom
Ward Youngblom, William Youngblom
Limbo, Dana
Limbo, Kyler
Thompson, Ray


Adult/Junior ChampionshipStatus: not started
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 16-18 Overall
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 14-15 Girls
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 14-15 Boys
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 12-13 Girls
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 12-13 Boys
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 10-11 Girls
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 10-11 Boys
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 9 & Under Girls
Adult/Junior Championship by Division - 9 & Under Boys


TeesFront 9Back 918 Hole
Orange Boys 9 U36 / 11336 / 11372 / 113
Orange Girls 10-1136 / 11336 / 11372 / 113
Purple Girls 9 U36 / 11336 / 11372 / 113
White34.2 / 10933.8 / 10768 / 108
Blue - Men34.7 / 11635.3 / 12470 / 120
Gold - Men36.3 / 12736.2 / 12972.5 / 128
Red - Ladies33 / 10933.5 / 10966.5 / 109
Red - Men31.1 / 9731.6 / 9862.7 / 98
White - Ladies35.5 / 12135.7 / 12171.2 / 121
White - Men33.1 / 11433.3 / 11466.4 / 114

Course Setup

The Bluffs Golf CoursePublicSoutheastVermillion605-677-7058View