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SDGA Membership FAQ’s

Why Should I Join The SDGA?

  • Handicap Index As an SDGA member you will receive a Handicap Index from the World Handicap System. Once you have posted three scores you will be able to compete against any other golfer with a Handicap Index. Having a Handicap Index has been shown to help golfers improve and find new ways to enjoy the game. 
  • GHIN Mobile App – With your Handicap Index, you also get FREE access to the GHIN mobile app which has many features to help you improve and have more fun. You have full color course GPS at almost every course across the country, you can keep your playing stats, follow your golfing friends, play games, and get a Course Handicap from any set of tees on any rated course.
  • SDGA Championships As an SDGA member, you can play in SDGA Championships. We have events for everyone and all events are flighted so you are competing against other players with similar handicaps. You’ll make lifelong friends from across the state when you play in SDGA Championships.
  • SDGA Member Play Days – Offer SDGA members the opportunity to explore private clubs in a relaxed, enjoyable, and non-competitive envrionment while playing at an affordable rate. This is a great opportunity to meet other members, or get your regular group together and play a course that is only available through this offer.
  • SDGA Golf Discount Card SDGA members can add the SDGA Golf Discount Card for only $15 ($35 value) and save enough to pay for the card with just one use!
  • Support Golf in South Dakota – Even if you don’t want a Handicap Index, or access to the GHIN mobile app, or to play in SDGA Championships, or want the SDGA Golf Discount Card, joining the SDGA helps support all of our efforts to grow and improve the game of golf in South Dakota.

Why Should I Purchase the SDGA Golf Discount Card?

The SDGA Golf Discount Card is a great way to save when playing at your favorite courses, and enjoy playing at many other great courses all across the state. Plus, the SDGA Golf Discount Card is the only card that supports the SDGA and our programs to grow the game and assist our member courses.

Anyone can purchase the SDGA Golf Discount Card for $35, but the best deal is to join the SDGA and add the Card for only $15. 

How Do I Purchase The SDGA Golf Discount Card?

Join/Renew online and add the SDGA Golf Discount Card for only $15. 

Already have an SDGA membership? Purchase the $15 add-on.

Non-SDGA members can purchase cards for $35.

If you purchase a card for $35 and then decide you want to upgrade to an SDGA membership, give us a call at 605-740-7085 or email and you can upgrade for only $25.

How Do I Use The SDGA Golf Discount Card?

It is now easier than ever to use your SDGA Golf Discount Card. There are two options to redeem your SDGA Golf Discount Card at participating courses. You can print out the voucher, or you can pull up the course offer on your phone and show it to the pro shop attendant. The pro shop attendant will click a button to redeem the offer and it will display exactly what the offer is if there are any questions.

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions about SDGA Membership or the SDGA Golf Discount Card.

Phone: 605-740-7085
TEXT ONLY NUMBER: 605-546-7775