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SDGA Two-Man Championship

FORMAT (fuller explanations at bottom of page):

Day 1 – Four-Ball / Day 2 – SDGA Chapman


  • Championship Division – 6800 yards (Blue)
  • Regular Division – 6400 yards (White) 

ENTRY FEE (Click Sign Up below to register):

  • Entry Fee: $280 per team
  • Optional Cart: $88 per team (pay during registration or at the course)
  • Final Entry Deadline – May 29

FLIGHTING: All teams will be pre-flighted using the Handicap Index. The number of flights and teams per flight will be arranged at the close of registration. 

SDGA ELIGIBILITY: SDGA Championships are open to amateur golfers with an active SDGA membership  and at least FIVE rounds posted this year at SDGA member clubs. For team events, both golfers must have a Player Profile and an active SDGA membership to be able to register.


Four-Ball – Each player plays their own ball. Lowest score is the team score.

SDGA Chapman – Both players tee off and play each other’s drive, then choose one ball and alternate strokes from there.

2024 Saturday June 8th – Sunday June 9thCourse: Hillcrest Golf & Country ClubStatus: openSign Up


Amundson, Danny
Bartels, Kayde
Batta, Sam
Booth, Patrick
Briggs, Ryan
Carlson, Tom
Collins, Lance
Dannenbring, Asher
Dowden, Lucas
Dusing, Lance
Eldeen, Jody
Evenson, Tyler
Farah, Sean
Fieldsend, J.R.
Fogel, Eli
Freimark, Todd
Frick, Brandon
From, Dylan
From, Jeff
Groos, Kaden
Groos, Rex
Grosz, Brett
Grothe, John
Gubbels, Marc
Haeckel, Jordan
Hale, Brady
Hammer, Bryce
Hammer, Collin
Hansen, Dan
Hansen, Emmet
Hansen, Keith
Harms, Skyler
Heiberger, Greg
Heig, Hayden
Heig, Nicholas
Heller, Ben
Helms, Corey
Herrick, Glen
Hieb, Aaron
Hieb, Austin
Hieb, Jack
Higgins, Kyle
Hoflock, Derek
Hohn, Rick
Hoss, Austin
Howard, Troy
Hoxter, Michael
Jacobson, Brad
Jacobson, Charlie
Jensen, Lane
Johnson, Caleb
Johnson, Matt
Kendle, Todd
Kiefer, Justin
Kogel, Kasey
Kogel, Keith
Korn, Josh
Lamoureux, Elijah
Lesselyoung, Alex
Lesselyoung, Jon
Lesselyoung, Sam
Lindblad, Jack
Long, Chris
Long, Cooper
Mauney, Radley
Mauney, Taten
McDonald, Chase
McGinnis, Patrick
Mellema, Nathan
Messick, Ryan
Meyer, TJ
Michels, Julean
Miller, Josh
Moore, Carson
Mueller, Brock
Mueller, Jordan
Munger, Bennett
Munson, Eric
Munson, Joe
Murphy, Brock
Murphy, Colin
Neuroth, Mike
Newborg, Keeton
Newborg, Kolby
Olivier, Ashton
Parr, McKay
Parsons, Will
Peterson, Will
Peterson, Jerry
Peterson, Carter
Pfeiffer, Max
Prostrollo, Casey
Pruner, Zac
Pry, Cole
Pugh, Riley
Rang, Gunar
Rawdon, Dave
Rick, Jamie
Roach, Corey
Roach, Gregg
Rowe, Kip
Salter, Adam
Salter, Jeff
Sawatzke, Lane
Sawatzke, Reid
Schlingman, Mitch
Schnabel, Harper
Schnabel, Jared
Schrag, Nathan
Schultz, Parker
Schwan, Alex
Schwan, Isaac
Scott, Adam
Scott, Hayden
Shawd, Carter
Shiffermiller, Adam
Smith, Ben
Sonnenschein, Sawyer
Steen, Alex
Strout, Andrew
Thielbar, Ben
Thomas, Josh
Thompson, Sawyer
Thompson, Bryce
Thompson, Raymond
Thompson, Brennan
Trasamar, Ryan
Turner, Lucas
VanHecke, Tyler
Vangerpen, Andrew
Vine, Spencer
Wegehaupt, Cory
Wendling, Joshua
Wensmann, Taylor
Westra, Tyler
White, Austin
Wilhelm, JASON
Williams, Mark
Witlock, Scott
Zuidema, Mikael


Saturday Four-BallStatus: not started
Sunday ChapmanStatus: not started


TeesFront 9Back 918 Hole
Blue - Ladies39.8 / 13839.7 / 14279.5 / 140
Blue - Men36.6 / 12536.8 / 13373.4 / 129
Gold - Ladies37 / 12636.9 / 12973.9 / 128
Gold - Men34.3 / 11634.6 / 12268.9 / 119
Red - Ladies35.5 / 11835.4 / 12170.9 / 120
Red - Men33.2 / 11233.4 / 11666.6 / 114
White/Gold - Ladies37.9 / 13037.4 / 13175.3 / 131
White/Gold - Men35 / 12335.1 / 12570.1 / 124
White - Ladies38.9 / 13438.3 / 13577.2 / 135
White - Men35.9 / 12335.5 / 13271.4 / 128
Hillcrest Golf & Country ClubPublicSoutheastYankton605-665-4522View