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Ryan Jansa


Sioux Falls, SD

HOF Class

Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Home Course
Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Fri, Jun 2, 2023

SDGA Championships

1993SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
1993SDGA Match Play ChampionshipChampion
1994SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
1995SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
1995SDGA Match Play ChampionshipChampion
1996SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2003SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2004SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2006SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2007SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2008SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2008SDGA Mid-Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2008SDGA Mid-Amateur Two-Man ChampionshipChampion
2009SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2009SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2009SDGA Mid-Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2010SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2011SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2011SDGA Mid-Amateur Two-Man ChampionshipChampion
2012SDGA Mid-Amateur Two-Man ChampionshipChampion
2013SDGA Mid-Amateur Two-Man ChampionshipChampion
2013SDGA Mixed Team ChampionshipChampion
2015SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2015SDGA Mid-Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2016SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2018SDGA Husband-Wife ChampionshipChampion
2019SDGA Pre-Senior Two-Man ChampionshipChampion
2019SDGA Adult-Junior ChampionshipChampion
2020SDGA Pre-Senior Two-Man ChampionshipChampion
2020SDGA Amateur ChampionshipChampion
2020SDGA Adult-Junior ChampionshipChampion
2021SDGA Adult-Junior ChampionshipChampion
2022SDGA Pre-Senior Two-Man ChampionshipChampion

Player Bio

Ryan Jansa is the most decorated amateur golfer in South Dakota history, with 33 Championships, countless runner-up finishes, and a record seven SDGA Male Golfer of the Year awards. Ryan is a member of the Lincoln High School Hall of Fame and took his game to New Mexico State University where he was the 1995 Big West Champion. Ryan met his wife Julie while at NMSU and they moved back to Sioux Falls where he played professionally for several years, winning two Dakotas Tour events. Ryan joins his father Steve and wife Julie in the SDGA Hall of Fame.