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Welcome to the World Handicap System (WHS)! Beginning January 1, 2020, handicaps across the world will be calculated using a uniform set of policies and procedures called the World Handicap System. Here is what you need to know about the most important changes and improvements. Click on any item to learn more and watch a video. 

Daily Handicap RevisionsYour handicap index will now be updated every day instead of twice per month.

Handicap Calculation New golfers can establish a handicap with only three rounds. the new maximum handicap has been increased to 54.0, and your handicap is computed using the best eight of your last 20 scores.  

Playing Conditions Calculation - If playing conditions cause scores to be abnormally high or low on a given day, the PCC will adjust all score posted that day. Golfers should make every effort to post their scores on the same day.   

Exceptional Score Reduction  - For any score (not just a "tournament" score") that is more than SEVEN strokes better than their index, all scores in the player's scoring profile will be adjusted by 1 or 2 strokes. With daily revisions, any exceptional score will now be immediately reflected in the next day's calculation. 

Caps - The amount a handicap-index can increase in any given 12 month period is limited to FIVE strokes.  

Course Handicap -  The new way that Course Handicaps are determined will allow players to compete from different sets of tees more easily and fairly.   

Net Double BogeyWhen you post a score, the maximum score for any hole will be Net Double Bogey (Par + 2 + any handicap strokes you receive (replaces Equitable Stroke Control). When you post your scores hole-by-hole, the new GHIN system will automatically make any adjustments.  

You can get more information on the WHS and other information at the USGA or WHS